Engineering services

How we design solutions

Thanks to our engineers experience, all tasks will result in an optimal solution.

Engineering services

If you are at the start of your project and you need help with the concept design or you need to finish up the details, our team of experts is here to assist.

With experience in all phases of design, precoordination and coordination processes on multiple large-scale projects, we are able to ensure quality solutions for our clients.

For design and coordination of different mechanical, piping, HVAC systems, our engineers delivered multiple standard industry solutions, but also on multiple occasions they were challenged to “think out of the box” and use their technical and analytical skills to find innovative solutions.

Technical consulting

Thanks to our engineers’ experience, all tasks will result in an optimal solution. Having experience in all phases of the design process makes them keep the big picture in mind when designing complex systems such as HVAC, piping or other systems. Their analytical mindset helps them tackle problems they encounter during the analytical, calculation or design phase of the project.

Services we offer can be applied in different engineering disciplines such as marine engineering, aircraft engineering, civil engineering, aerospace engineering or mechanical engineering in general

  • Analysis, calculation and construction
  • Concept, initial, basic, coordination and detail design
  • Detail design of mechanical systems
  • HVAC systems design
  • Piping systems design
  • 2D and 3D design
  • Naval architecture
  • Structural FEM analysis