About Us

Through challenge, we grow

Quantum Engineering is an idea. By bringing passion to engineering we define how technologies shape our everyday life. We believe that the future lies in challenging our imagination.


We are an engineering start-up from Zagreb, Croatia. Our small team is young but experienced. A curious mindset is the driving force behind our passionate approach, which brings us to the conclusion that people in our team are our biggest asset. With that in mind, we firmly believe that the value system is the foundation of good cooperation between people or businesses.

Creating a team of dedicated experts that enjoy a challenge and look for innovation in various fields of industries and technology is what we strive for.


After years of engineering experience in reputable shipbuilding companies across Europe, the man behind the company, Marko Špoljarić felt it was time to “set sail” into a new adventure. Quantum Engineering was founded in Zagreb, Croatia in early 2018.

Our core business is providing engineering services (calculation, all phases of design, drawing creation, etc.), currently in shipbuilding industries. Along with our engineering services for HVAC, piping and cable systems, our experienced team is managing projects from basic design to the final product by creating client-oriented and specific solutions.

By delivering services to our clients with quality and on time, we intend to enhance our knowledge and experience. By incorporating our experience into our ideas, we plan to enhance our services and develop our products.


Our permanent strategy is building long-term relationships with our clients.

In the short term, we are looking to build a respectable team of experts and invest in the development of our services. During this phase, we will concentrate on increasing the number of our clients and networking while maintaining quality.

As we progress, the plan is to position our company on the market as a reputable and reliable partner recognized for quality solutions. We will also be changing from within the company as we plan to invest in research and development. We firmly believe that our civilization is on the verge of great changes.

What we aim is to do is not predict the future, but to shape it through technology and innovation.