Marine engineering, ship systems and piping
systems constructions.

HVAC - Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning

Every successful story starts with an Idea

We help you realize your ideas and transform them into successful projects

Technical consulting

Technical consulting

From our experience, each project represents a unique challenge. It is not always easy to find the optimal solution. In addition to a technical skill set and knowledge, it requires smart planning and detailed project management or even optimization of procedures that can enhance the final result.


Engineering services

Engineering services

If you are at the start of your project and you need help with the concept design or you need to finish up the details, our team of experts is here to assist. With experience in all phases of design, precoordination and coordination processes on multiple large-scale projects, we are able to ensure quality solutions for our clients. For design and


Project documentation

Project documentation

Whether for the initial idea of the project or for the finishing details, technical follow-up and project documentation are of the utmost importance. Most of the time, approaching a technical problem, besides the numeric analysis, starts with the concept draft. With the development of the project, the number of...


HVAC piping systems engineering

From consulting, through engineering to technical drawings and documentation.

Why choose us?

Values that define us!

Passion for
a challenge

What drives you? What makes you „tick“? For us, without any doubt, that is challenge! We firmly belive it is necessary to leave the safety of our comfort zone to reach success. Shipbuilding offers opportunities but also brings challenges like no other industry and passion is the make or break factor.

Innovation-oriented approach

Large scale projects such as cruise ships request knowledge, experience, teamwork and communication. Happy passengers and beautiful panoramas are only the front, but behind the scenes there are kilometers of piping, HVAC ducting and cable trays, machinery and other ship elements working in harmony to enable the perfect cruise ship experience. And to achieve that, innovation is a must.

Responsibility towards the client

Anyone involved in shipbuilding knows the outmost importance of timing and quality. Over more than a dozen projects Quantum Engineering has came up with numerous marine engineering solutions. From our clients we have been recognized as a reliable and responsible partner that delivers projects with quality and on time!

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Our clients

Recurring clients are the best!


One of the largest and most modern shipyards in the world. Cruise ships for international shipping companies have been built at our production and construction docks for several decades.

MAC Hamburg

MAC is company based in Hamburg, founded for strategic reasons to supply entire air-conditioning systems for the shipyard sites in the Meyer Group.