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We help you realize your ideas and transform them into successful projects


In our experience, each project represents a unique challenge. It is not always easy to find the optimal solution. In addition to a technical skill set and knowledge, it requires smart planning and detailed project management or even optimization of procedures that can enhance the final result. Most of all, it requires a passionate approach  …



If you are at the start of your project and you need help with the concept design or you need to finish up the details, our team of experts is here to assist. With experience in all phases of design, precoordination and coordination processes on multiple large-scale projects, we are able to ensure quality solutions for our clients. For design and …



Whether for the initial idea of the project or for the finishing details, technical follow-up and project documentation are of the utmost importance. Most of the time, approaching a technical problem, besides the numeric analysis, starts with the concept draft. With the development of the project, the number of …



Our clients come with different challenges…

Civil engineering

Experience in design of HVAC and piping systems makes us a reliable partner in creation of technical solutions for different types of buildings. It is important what goes on „behind the walls“.


Our core business are engineering services done for clients in shipbuilding industry. Our experience in design of HVAC and piping systems resulted in long term cooperation with one of the most reputable EU shipyards.

Aircraft engineering

The process of design and certification of an aircraft is complex to say the least. Our engineers have great experience with design and certification of individual parts, systems and aircrafts as a whole.

Latest projects

Various demands, custom solutions

Cruise vessel 08

Throught project we had few tasks. We were checking preliminary design along with making corrections in detail design for trunk and AC room areas. The 2D/3D design of HVAC systems was followed up with creation of project documentation such as installation, isometric and other types of drawings.


Cruise vessel 10

For this project we were involved in basic and detail design of HVAC systems for various areas of vessel. Design of trunk areas was interesting because of the new way of mounting the areas inside the block areas of the ship. AC room areas, same as trunk areas were followed up by creation of material lists, isometrics and various types of drawings.



How we see the world

New beginnings

In 2018 a new startup was born – Quantum Engineering. We needed some time to set up everything and now, at the beginning of 2019, we are finally online. We are an engineering startup. Our small team is young but experienced …

What does it take

You probably heard that one a thousand times. It may well be one of the most used phrases in the world and probably translates into every language. But is there more to life than simply existing? Most of us are searching for the …

Moving forward

Most of my life I had a feeling that I could easily fit into the new group of people. In a recent situation life decided to throw me a „curve ball“. New city, new people, new environment. No familiar faces. In the beginning everything went nicely …


What defines us

Passion for a challenge

Innovation-oriented approach

Responsibility towards a client

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